Our Products

cardews of Oxford are quality specialists of fresh roasted coffees and fine teas, supplying to customers and businesses across the globe.

Coffee Urns

We offer a wide range of pure 'Arabica' coffees, including all the 'regulars' as well as a good selection of some rare and exotic origins. Through our personal links with the growers, we are able to directly source high quality coffees from such places as St. Helena, Jamaica, Galapagos, Nepal and Australia.

We stock a growing range of fairly traded coffees, teas and other products certified by the Fairtrade organization and the Rainforest Alliance.

Green coffees are specially selected for roasting twice weekly. The roasted coffees are weighed and ground to customers' requirements, ensuring freshness and flavour. Even our wholesale customers receive coffee ground to order, usually on the day that it is ordered.

Original teas, from around the world, flavoured and herbal teas and fruit tisanes are sold packed or loose. Some of the finest teas from India, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and China (and a few other rare origins) are available at incredibly competitive prices, including First Flush Darjeelings, Ceylon Silver Tips, Jasmine Pearls and Nepalese High Mountain and many more.

Coffee Machines

If you like your coffee cappuccino, espresso, cona, filter or plunged, we stock a large range of equipment to do the job, as well as an Aladdin's Cave of kitchen equipment. We will soon be offering our equipment for sale online, so sign up to our newsletter to be informed of future updates!

In the mean time, if you would like any information on associated hardware, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we would be delighted to assist you!